What Is Monaco Real Estate Tech Event?
This by-invitation-only event gathers top-notch/elite real estate executives in order to discuss the future of technology in their sector, connecting with the 3 topics : Tech to Invest, Tech to Build and Tech to Live. With 6Ha offshore extension into the sea, Monaco is the perfect place to discuss innovation in real estate.

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Very high value created from very limited space
A common feature shared by Monaco and the digital world. Thus, for the Principality, digital technology is an unprecedented opportunity to enlarge its social model and ensure its longevity, to make it ever more attractive and further.

Where the games changers shape a better built environment
The real estate industry, Tech ecosystems, investors, public authorities and thought leaders chose Propel by MIPIM to develop new business opportunities, discover projects and ideas, be inspired & celebrate creativity.

PropTech Global Trends 2020
Annual Barometer

ESCP Business School, in association with the Principality of Monaco, publishes the 1st annual PropTech barometer.

The 2020 PropTech Annual Barometer is an in-depth analysis of the sector and worldwide trends. It analyses the evolution of PropTech over time, with graphs, depicting the historical evolution of PropTech since the initial emergence.

In total, this barometer analyses 1,724 companies in 12 categories and 64 countries, for 3,118 investors. It shines a spotlight on the actors, companies and financiers, which are evolving in the PropTech market largely dominated by the United States.


Monaco Real Estate Tech

Monaco Government Works with ESCP to Revolutionise the Real Estate Technology Market

The Government of Monaco has chosen ESCP to start a permanent strategic collaboration to promote sustainability through the “Monaco Real Estate Tech Innovation Programme”, an ambitious research plan on new real estate technologies.

The official announcement was made by HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco on November 26, 2019. Under the leadership of Frédéric Genta, Country Chief Digital Officer of the Principality of Monaco and alumnus, and Jaime Luque, Associate Professor at ESCP, the ESCP-Monaco Programme will transform the real estate sector by embracing new technologies.

The newfound collaboration will see a number of initiatives introduced, such as an annual international ‘Monaco Real Estate Tech Conference’ – gathering academic and industry leaders from the real estate technology sector -; the publication of a study on the role of technological innovations in the real estate sector; and the introduction of internships and junior international consultancy projects for ESCP graduate students in the Monegasque private real estate market.

These initiatives, among others, will bring the real estate sector into a new era of more responsible, sustainable and environmentally friendly practice, and will position Monaco’s real estate market at the forefront of innovation.

HSH Prince Albert II
of Monaco

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