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With programs offered in Madrid, Paris and London, arguably some of the most important, beautiful and dynamic real estate cities in Europe, the Institute offers innovative program studies, and serves as a unique and effective forum for fostering academic work in the fields of real estate technology, real estate development, real estate finance, real estate economics and real estate management.

IREFIM is committed to excellence in education through a creative and innovative curriculum. In addition to in-house training, the Institute offers first-class education programs, including the Master of Science in Real Estate, the Certificate in Real Estate Finance and Investments (CREFI), the “hotel real estate investments” track of the Master of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management, and the Budapest Institute of Banking-ESCP Summer School in Real Estate. The world-renowned faculty and guest expert practitioners combine theory with real-world applicability to prepare students to become leaders in the industry.

IREFIM supports cutting-edge research on core areas as defined by the Institute’s Advisory Board. Our group of research fellows is comprised of internationally recognized thought leaders who are contributing to the world's understanding of innovations in real estate technology, securities market analysis, commercial real estate, affordable housing, mortgage debt and default, house price bubbles, urban economics, green sustainable real estate development, and more. Funding research opportunities and visiting scholar grants are available for projects that meet the highest standards of scholarship in the field of real estate.


Jaime Luque

IREFIM Director

Alexandra Otero

IREFIM Head of Communications and Marketing

Ramón Fisac

Director of the MSc in Hospitality (inc. Hotel Development track)

Hannah Heyworth

Program Manager, MSc Real Estate & MSc Hospitality

Claire-Marie Gadot

Director, ESCP Real Estate Alumni Association (Paris)

Message from our Academic Director

Real estate plays an integral role in the economy. It creates places to live and commercial spaces for companies. Asset classes include residential, commercial, industrial, logistics, and hospitality. Real estate also contributes to the financial industry by providing a permanent source of revenue to investors. Well-known examples of such investments are mortgage-backed securities and REITs.

The ESCP Institute of Real Estate Finance and Management is determined to influence the real estate sector with our offer of education programs. The high-quality research produced by our faculty brings new perspectives to existing debates and problems.

2021 has been a great year in this field for ESCP!

The ESCP – Monaco Real Estate Tech Innovation Program is now fully operational and the 2021 Global PropTech Annual Barometer was presented at the annual conference on PropTech in Monaco in December 2021. Under the leadership of Frédéric Genta, Country Chief Digital Officer of the Principality of Monaco and alumnus, and myself, the ESCP-Monaco Program aims at transforming the real estate sector by embracing new technologies. The newfound collaboration will see a number of initiatives introduced, such as the annual international ‘Monaco Real Estate Tech Summit’; the publication of a study on the role of technological innovations in real estate; and the introduction of internships and junior international consultancy projects for ESCP graduate students in the Monegasque private real estate market.

These initiatives, among others, will bring the real estate sector into a new era of more responsible, sustainable, and environmentally friendly practice, and will position Monaco’s real estate market at the forefront of innovation. The Government of Monaco has chosen ESCP to start a permanent strategic collaboration to promote sustainability through the “Monaco Real Estate Tech Innovation Program”, an ambitious research plan on new real estate technologies.

On the education front, we recognize that real estate companies often rely on well-trained workers capable of making investment decisions in an environment of complexity. ESCP now has more than 129 graduate students joining our real estate programs, including the Master of Science in Real Estate, the Master in Management – Real Estate Specialization, and the Master in Hospitality – Hotel Development track. Classes are delivered at our campuses in Madrid, London, and Paris. Field trips, live case studies, and other activities contribute to the excellence of these programs.

ESCP complements students’ education by providing them with first-hand exposure to leaders in the real estate industry. In collaboration with the private real estate sector, ESCP organizes a series of round tables and seminars covering topics on residential, office, retail, logistics, property management, and project management. Additionally, research projects and internships with top real estate companies for our students are a hallmark of our curriculum and help reinforce the role of ESCP as a world-leader in business education.

In 2021 the Budapest Institute of Banking (BIB) and ESCP organized the 3rd edition of the “Summer School in Real Estate” in Budapest, Hungary. This summer school is an intense one-week executive education program that consists of 30 hours on real estate finance and investments, and another 30 hours of seminal lectures by well-recognized real estate professionals. The third edition in August 2021 was a success!

Finally, my most sincere gratitude to the Executive Committee members of the ESCP Real Estate Association for their outstanding work in bringing together a community of students who are passionate about real estate development, smart cities, and urban development and who aim to start their professional careers in the real estate sector. Special thanks to the leadership team of the association: Francesca Heathcote Sapey (Executive Director, MSc Real Estate), Hannah Heyworth (Program Manager, MSc Real Estate), Claudia Russo (Executive Co-Director, REAS), Maximilian Kelm (President, REAS), and Claire-Marie Gadot (ESCP Real Estate Alumni Association, Paris Head Delegate), who are doing a fantastic work organizing guest speaker lectures, field trips from which students can learn the “know-how” of the real estate development business, and network events with industry experts who can ultimately facilitate internships and job opportunities.

Jaime Luque

Academic Director

Academic Director of the ESCP Institute of Real Estate Finance and Management, and Associate Professor of Economics at ESCP Europe

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